Meet the Team

Charlie Nguyen [Sensei]

Charlie Nguyen Sensei has an impressive record of certifications throughout many traditional Karate styles and dedicated his life to keeping the core values of each original art he learned from, unmodified. His international tournament touring helped him secure many victories, with the 2012 Ozawa Cup Gold Medal being one of his hardest, most favorite challenges. A technician at heart, he had the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest instructors in the world.

“I teach my students the same way my teachers have taught me. I remember the feeling of my Sensei being the perfect role model and I hope to inspire the next generation of Karate-ka, the same way I was. For my students, I will continue to do my best to learn more, striving to always surpassing the limits of my potential.”

Sharon Nguyen [Sensei]

Sharon Sensei started Karate at 6 years old. She has experience competing in international tournaments where she achieved medals in both Kata and Kumite, with her most recent gold medal in Kumite. Sharon Sensei’s education outside of the Dojo helps her teach students more about health and wellness.

• University of Washington Graduate [Biochemistry Degree, Magna Cum Laude]
• University of Washington Department of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Chu Lab: RSA/Kiosk Assistant Coordinator
• Crisis Line Volunteer
• Certified Nursing Assistant [First Aid & CPR Certified]
• Phlebotomist

“I want to empower younger females in the Karate community by serving as a role model for female students aspiring to take on leadership roles.”

Ling Nguyen [Administrator]

With over 8 years of professional experience as an administrator, Mrs. Nguyen has helped our school dramatically with her excellent communication skills and quick responses. Mrs. Nguyen leaves no task unattended and continually exceeds her expectations as the GKA admin. She continues to use her time in the Dojo to communicate with students on a more personal basis to help them with their situations outside of classes.

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